Building with nature

GFM (Glue Free Massive) is a 30mm thick, mechanically connected, solid wooden board used for the panelling of wooden frame constructions.

The glue- and toxin-free GFM panels are suited perfectly for an ecologically oriented construction. The airtight quality of the GFM system is one of its special features. For the first time, you can build without using plastic sheets and adhesive tapes.

About Dieter Junker

Dieter Junker is the managing director of Junker Holding GmbH and Massivholz Junker GmbH. He is the inventor and patent holder of the GFM system.

Thanks to his long-time experience in wood processing, accompanied by numerous awards (Recognition from the Innovation Prize in Baden-Württemberg 2006 and two research studies from the “Bundesanstalt für Forschung und Technik”, the Federal Institute for Research and Technology in Berlin), he has been able to provide an important contribution to the ecological wood construction sector.

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