Innovation and environment


The GFM diagonal panel was conceived as a panel good made solely from Black Forest wood to provide builders and homeowners with high environmental standards and a glue-free and airtight alternative to the types of panels which are typically available for purchase

Due to the fact that it is a glue-free, solid wooden board which does not utilize plastic sheeting to make it airtight, the GFM diagonal panel exceeds the current standards of technology and presents a trendsetting development in carpentry. The high level of innovation is evidenced by a two-year study in cooperation with the University of  Karlsruhe and the issue of a patent from the DPMA Munich


Directly from the forest with a short path to the saw mill: The Black Forest White pine is the raw material for the

GFM panels and it is cut in regional saw mills. We use a minimum of energy and technical materials for the production of the GFM diagonal panels.

The panels can be recycled easily as a result of their natural quality.

I would be happy to present the GFM products to you personally.
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Dieter Junker