The GFM installation panel

The glue-free GFM installation panel is made of 100% Black Forest white pine. It is the perfect synthesis of the traditional art of carpentry and modern production techniques. It was conceptualized as a purely mechanically joined board product and is a glue-free alternative to OSB boards.

If there are no specific demands for stiffening, then the 30mm thick GFM panels can be used to plank ceilings, wooden frame constructions or internal slanted walls on an adequate structure. Easy to handle measurements make panelling quick and easy.

Panel measurements

Length 2,500 mm, width 645 mm, panel thickness 30 mm
Length 3,210 mm, width 645 mm, panel thickness 30 mm
Length 3,910 mm, width 645 mm, panel thickness 30 mm

There is a hanging system on the long side for a quick installation.

The fronts are roughly trimmed +/- 1 cm.

Airtight installation upon request.

GFM installation panel



The advantages:

  • Absolutely glue-free boards

  • Joined mechanically with dovetail joints

  • For the panelling of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs

  • In the airtight version, the visible side is sanded (upon request)

  • Quick installation of the easy to handle boards

  • The natural qualities of the wood remain completely intact

  • Pleasant aroma of Black Forest wood

  • Produced by a PEFC certified forestry management

  • Perfectly suited for allergy sufferers, recommended by construction biologists

  • With the glue-free and airtight GFM panels, toxin-free wall constructions – which can be left visible in a rustic style – are  possible without using OSB panels and plastic sheeting. You save on the costs of further panelling layers.

  • Wooden constructions which are stiffened with braces and crossbeams can be panelled on the interior side with our glue-free and airtight GFM installation panels made of 100% Black Forest white pine.

  • As opposed to our glue-free GFM diagonal panels, the GFM installation panels cannot be used for stiffening panelling, but they have the advantage over the GFM diagonal panels that they can be installed with the seams in a vertical position.